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Fixing the NA Miata's window regulators

The “painting by numbers” continues. One of the advantages of having had a few of these is that the basic jobs just naturally flow.

Test fitting the new wheels

Today was the day to jack up the car, take the wheels off (boy are those ninetiestastic Momo wheels heavy), crawl underneath and see what I would find.

Parts start showing up

Unplanned purchase #1 showed up. I knew I wanted white wheels on the car for some reason, and I like TE37s, so the plan was to acquire a set of...

Registered, and the work begins

Went to the local AAA office last Monday to get the car registered. Even though our local DMV doesn’t have massive wait times, my wife had suggested I’d try AAA...

Oops, I bought another NA Miata

It’s about four years since I sold my last NA, which I swore would be the last one I would ever own. Same thing with the one before that, and...