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Unpacking the new dash

Unpacking the new dash

My original plan for tomorrow was to swap out the dash and the main carpet for the LE ones that I bought not too long ago. The guy I bought the parts off clearly knows how to pack these items well, so everything arrived undamaged.

That said, the dash was in a bag full of styrofoam peanuts which did a good job protecting the dash and getting everywhere in the vents. They also did a rather good job of sticking to the black painted top of the dash, which appears to have turned into a bit of a gooey mess from the heat or from age. I suspect heat as the dash pads had also become detached. The stuck peanuts helped create this interesting finish:

Dash, unpacked

Looks like I have to pick one of the following options:

a) repaint the top of the dash

b) flock it

c) learn how to recover the top of the dash in alcantara, or have a local shop do it

I’m leaning towards c) but it depends if I can find a shop to do the work in time. Or magically find the time to do it myself.

At least some good news, a vehicle dismantler over in Sacramento has a few sets of NB2 seats in stock so it looks like I’ll may be able to at least sort out the seat situation.